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Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Consulting Services

Good risk management doesn’t slow an organization down – it helps it go faster. Effective risk management not only protects existing value, but also results in better and faster decision making, reduced costs, and improved performance. Many organizations, however, are not getting full value from their investments in risk management because their risk processes are disconnected and critical data and information are not shared.


Moreover, as global risks continue to shift at a dramatic pace, organizations must continuously evaluate their risk management processes to ensure that they are focused on the risks that matter. Organizations need to understand and manage the risks that threaten their strategic objectives and be poised to capitalize on opportunities that will bring growth and efficiency.


Most organizations will be asked to do more with the same resources. The pressure is on, not only to improve risk coverage, but also to decrease costs and improve performance. We start by helping organizations answer some key questions, such as:


  • What are your key risks and how they are being managed?
  • Do you have overlapping risk functions or gaps in coverage?
  • Have we optimized the use of technology?


    Effective risk management not only provides better protection for your business, but also improves business performance and decision making and, ultimately, competitive advantage.


    Our primary services include:

    • Enterprise-wide governance, risk and compliance
    • Internal audit
    • Internal controls


    Our primary services are all supported by the following key competencies:


    • Program management
    • Strategic direction
    • People and organization
    • IT advisory 


    Please contact Lyncoya Simpson at (704) 776-6547 or at for additional information.