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Dear Client:


At The Brownstone Group, LLC (“Brownstone Group”) our customers' trust and privacy is extremely important to us. The Brownstone Group, LLC has taken safeguards to protect the paper documents, the collection of data, and the electronic data stored at The Brownstone Group, LLC. In order to process and services your needs, The Brownstone Group, LLC has collected client non-public and customer personal information, including but not limited to name, address, social security and tax identification numbers. The Brownstone Group, LLC does not disclose any information relating to its clients, customers or former customers to affiliates or third parties, except as permitted by law, to process your transactions or to fulfill legal and/or regulatory requirements. In addition, The Brownstone Group, LLC will only provide information to relationships you have established and have authorized us to do so (i.e. power of attorney, request for duplicate confirmations or other similar items). The Brownstone Group, LLC does not provide current or former customer account information to any outside organizations such as catalogue or direct mail companies.


The Brownstone Group, LLC has implemented policies and practices with respect to safeguarding the confidentiality and security of our customers' information. All our employees/contractors are required to protect and comply with these policies and practices and are subject to disciplinary action or termination if they fail to do so. The Brownstone Group, LLC and our affiliates, have secured your information through encryption technology, password protection, and physical safeguards.


The Brownstone Group, LLC considers the protection of clients' information to be of vital importance and will continue to protect our clients' interests.


Please contact us at (877) 280-8299 or for additional information. 



Lyncoya D. Simpson