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Other Consulting Services

ERP Consulting Services


The current business climate demands financial prudence with strong responsibilities. We are able to fulfill both requirements using SAP, Oracle, and PeopleSoft to streamline our client’s activities.


All aspects of the project are documented in detail and measured against our client’s business or department requirements, with clearly defined objectives we can assist management in clearly understanding and reviewing the status and progress of their project(s). Below are some of the services of the services we provide for SAP, Oracle, and PeopleSoft:


  • Implementation Services
  • Optimization Services
  • Business Process Modeling & Analysis
  • Upgrade Services
  • Functional Support Services
  • Technical Support Services


    Maintaining our client’s financial & IT viability is a challenge for many business executives. Our consulting services can provide our clients the advice to help them realize immediate financial and IT benefits from improving their business infrastructure. Our dedicated team of professionals will focus on increasing our client’s cash flow, reducing your account receivable and streamline your billing and collection procedures. We offer:


    • Technical advice to improve your business’ use of its financial software.
    • Train your staff on improving their ability to use the system to its fullest potential.
    • Review and develop operations to improve departmental policies and procedures in relation to your system.
    • Analyze your staffing and work flow to identify areas which may be streamlined and increase productivity.


      To complement our core management consulting services, we also have expertise in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Knowledge Management, Master Data Management, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence.


      Data Quality and Management Consulting Services


      The Brownstone Group, LLC can provide our client’s the ability to design and implement an efficient technological solution. An effective data quality strategy can help our client’s better understand their business environment, allowing our client’s to maximize profitability and reduce costly operational inefficiencies.


      The goal of data management is to provide the infrastructure to transform raw data into consistent, accurate, and reliable corporate information. Its foundation consists of the five building blocks of data management technology:


      • Data Profiling – Inspect data for errors, inconsistencies, redundancies and incomplete information.
      • Data Quality – Correct, standardize and verify data.
      • Data Integration – Match, merge or link data from a variety of disparate sources.
      • Data Augmentation – Enhance data using information from internal and external data sources.
      • Data Monitoring – Check and control data integrity over time.


        LEAN/Six Sigma Consulting Services


        Our approach for implementing Six Sigma is a straightforward and rigorous. The Six Sigma approach identifies and eliminates defects with a structured, data-driven, problem-solving method of using rigorous data-gathering and statistical analysis. Using Six Sigma will guide your firm to:


        • Improve Customer Satisfaction
        • Increase Profit Margins
        • Shorten Cycles Times
        • Reduce Costs


          With most companies today, the cost of poor quality represents 20% to 30% of total revenues. The Six Sigma approach implements proven methodologies. These methodologies eliminate these costs while reaching world-class quality levels by focusing on breakthrough performance improvements of 50% or more.


          This enable our clients to succeed by transferring knowledge that continuously measures process improvements, employee productivity, and services that yield positive financial results for our clients.


          Business Continuity Consulting Services


          In today’s competitive environment, organizations must achieve maximum operational efficiency. To keep their institutions competitive, executives are implementing plans and procedures to assure that growth objectives are met and institutional assets are protected. The security of one such vital asset – business continuity – has become a top priority because it may well spell the difference between future success and failure.


          By definition, business continuity is the ability to survive, to compete and to meet business obligations under any circumstances. The goal of The Brownstone Group, LLC is to provide a plan that enables our client’s to sustain an interruption and, at the same time, satisfy customer needs, maintain revenues, maintain IT operations, minimize expenses, and preserve market share.


          Please contact Lyncoya Simpson at (704) 776-6547 or at for additional information.